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Combining Interior and Exterior?

Updated: Oct 30, 2018

Indoor-Outdoor Living... the notion of blurring the line between exterior and interior. For multiple projects, we have brought the inside in, and the outside out- with the use of furnishings and accessories. Simple elements such as foliage in the interior of a space or an art-installation in the exterior of a terrace can give the inhabitant the idea of being one with his/her surroundings.

The indoor-outdoor lifestyle has taken on an immense presence in South Florida and Miami interior design, more specifically, one can drive down the oak-tree clad streets of Coral Gables and notice that the typical interior-focused homes are a thing of the past. Both designers and architects have joined forces in revolutionizing the standard that residential homes have typically been built upon. Brazilian architect - Marcio Kogan, has revolutionized the manner in which architecture is designed and carried out. One of his latest works- 4567 Pine Tree Drive has been noted as a- “Miami Modernist Oasis”. Boasting a 30 meter-long manmade-lagoon, folding teak-louvre walls, and sectioned off living space compounds- Kogan’s design of this home can be seen as architectural perfection.

In addition to the overall construction of the home, the design intervention of the interior does not cease to amaze. In efforts of matching his minimal design aesthetic with the interior, Kogan enlisted the help of Artefeco to source all furnishings and accessories that have been placed throughout the home. A neutral color palette has been followed with the addition of sporadic pops of color.

In the year 2018, we designers have come to a very distinct stance in regards to the manner in which we think a home should be lived in. Succinctly, the only barrier that should exist between exterior and interior is existing structure.

Looking on to future endeavors, we plan on utilizing similar techniques that Marcio Kogan used on the design of 4567 Pine Tree Drive. In the same way that Kogan layered linear beams of teak, we are going to incorporate teak materiality into the balcony design of PH02 in our Hyde Residences project. Our team will implement warm tones in addition to fresh neutral tones. Our take on south Florida interior design will truly evoque a sense of serenity and elegance.

Design should always be simplified!

Brandon Arturo Alvarez



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