• Brandon Arturo Alvarez

Bathroom Renovation - “The old and the new”

During one of our most recent projects, we were confronted with one of the most vintage interiors that we have ever had the pleasure of re-designing. The bathrooms of the home were lined in balloon-laden wallpaper, purple squared tile and endless gold travertine. The use of stone in these 80’s-era bathrooms is very different than the strategies that have recently taken use in contemporary 2018.

The first thing we did upon the start of renovation was to take down all the existing elements and start from a blank white canvas. One can say that this “bare” style made its way onto the final design of the bathrooms. In contrast to the existing golden travertine, we decided to take use of an achromatic palate of marble and onyx for the hard materials of the bathrooms. Rather than placing the same stone throughout the bathroom in a monotonous manner, we created contrast by introducing various materials in various installation styles.

More specifically, we took use of book-matching and back-lit techniques for the installation for our marble and onyx slabs. In addition to our raw method of placement, we chose very light colors for the stone. The hard stone of the bathrooms were balanced with neutral vanity furnishings. Also, spa-grade fixtures such as lit-pivoting mirrors, steam showers and Toto toilets were included to give the client a feeling of rest and relaxation.

All in all, we the designers of South Florida Design Group intend to surpass each and every expectation of our given client. Whether a small bathroom renovation, or a large-scale home remodel, we want to change Miami interior design for the better. One can notice that all of our designs have one similar trait- the presence of light. We create bright and airy spaces that people want to be in.

Design should always be simplified!

Brandon Arturo Alvarez


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